SY Bellacha cruising area

SY Bellacha cruising area

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Croatia boasts over 1000 islands along the eastern Adriatic coast. Geographically speaking, it is opposite the east coast of Italy, between Slovenia to the North and Montenegro to the south. It has many cities from its Venetian period, as well as historical links to the Austro-Hungarian empire. SY Bellacha offers charters through out Croatia as well as sailing wine tours and vegan sailing cruises.

The Greek Islands are spread out over a large area and sailing yacht Bellacha offers charters in the Ionian and the North and South Dodecanes islands.

Montenegro is a small country located in the South Adriatic, in-between Croatia and Albania. It has nearly three hundred miles of coast line and a cultural history of Venetian, Ottoman and Austrian Hapsburg dynasties. Sailing yacht Bellacha offers charters through out Montenegro as well as sailing wine tours and romantic weekends.

The Turkish riviera or the turquoise coast as its also known, stretches from Cesme in the North to Alanya in the South. A distance of over 600 nautical miles. Its famous for its sights and brisk sailing with the local wind called the Meltemi which blows in the summer season in a NW direction. Sailing yacht Bellacha offers two cruises; the first around Bodrum and the second between Marmaris and Gocek.